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Welcome to Song Contest Wiki. The purpose of this Wiki is to act like a database for information about online song contests. The song contest community gathers at the Song Contest Forums. On this Wiki you will be able to find out more about different contests and their national selections. You can find results history for countries in different contest. You can search for song titles or artists to discover which contests the songs or artists have competed in and how it went for them. You can even create a page for yourself to keep track of your own results in contests. You can learn more about how to contribute to SCW bellow.


Anyone is allowed to edit the Wiki. If you are new, we strongly recommend that you read the following.

Getting started

The first thing you could do is to create a new page about yourself. Your username is relevant for a new page as long as you are hosting a contest or if you are participating in a contest. The page should be titled with your Youtube username. Use your page to write about yourself and which contests you are participating in. You can also use this page to write down your results history in the different contests you are participating in. Click here to create a new page.

What kind of pages can I create?

You can create any page which is related to online song contests. Do not create pages for Eurovision Song Contest. You can write about your own ESC favourites on your own user page. Relevant pages related to online song contests can be pages about songs, artists, song contests, national selections, users and countries. When you write about different subjects it is important that you use certain templates unless you want your page to be deleted. Click here to see a list of templates you can copy when creating a new page. You can also copy the code from an already existing page if you are making a new page about the same subject as the page you copied the code from.

Advanced guide

To learn more about how to edit the Wiki you should check out our advanced help guide. You can do so by clicking here. The guide will teach you how to create links, create redirects, add categories and much more. If you have any question about the Wiki you can post in the SCW forum thread over at the Song Contest Forums. Hopefully a more experienced Wiki user can help you out. You can go directly to the thread by clicking here (external link).



Ourvision Song Contest is a contest hosted on Youtube by Kristoffer, Nikolai and Paulina from Sweden...

DimitrisLoveIvi is an user from Cyprus who is hosting Tubevision Contest and Swedish Sounds...

Loreen is a singer from Sweden who is most famous for winning Eurovision Song Contest 2012 for her home country with the song "Euphoria"...

Gangnam Style is a song by South Korean singer Psy. The music video to the song is the most viewed on Youtube ever...

Danish Music Contest is a national selection to Ourvision Song Contest which is hosted by HvdstrCBfr. It has completed 19 editions...