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August 20, 2011


Currently: USA United States Originally: United Kingdom United Kingdom



Special Editions



Fabulous Song Contest (abbreviated FSC), is a song contest on Youtube. The contest was founded by SanBeanzie and is currently hosted by странник (nick). It's a friendly, Eurovision-Inspired contest made for fun.


At anytime a forum user joins the contest by submitting, they become a FabPlayer. When a FabPlayer wins the contest and submits for the next edition they automatically become a FabPlayer Host, a fun title given for each winner. If the winner doesn't choose to submit for the next contest then the FabPlayer Host title is then given to the FabPlayer Host that comes second, and so on and forth.

Jackpot Edition: Edit

Fabulous Song Contest has also introduced a special edition called the 'Jackpot Edition', which was introduced in the 10th Fabulous Edition, where instead of a FabPlayer choosing a country, one is given to them by choosing a number which is listed adjacent to a country. Then later during the voting process the participating FabPlayers will then know their chosen country. The winning song was 'Dance' sung by Max Barskih from Ukraine.

Semi Finals: Edit

Semi Finals were first introduced to the Fabulous Song Contest on the 15th Edition. Two Semi Finals are held. Only the countries in their allocated Semi Finals can vote. Only the FabPlayer Host has the privledge to vote in both semi finals.

The Winners Edit

Edition Country Artist Song
United Kingdom FSC 1 - London Sweden Sweden Timoteij "Kom"
Sweden FSC 2 - Stockholm Germany Germany Lou Bega "Mambo No. 5"
Germany FSC 3 - Düsseldorf Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Safura "March On"
Azerbaijan FSC 4 - Baku Moldova Moldova O-Zone "Dragostea Din Tei"
Moldova FSC 5 - Chișinău Austria Austria Trackshittaz "Oida Taunz"
Austria FSC 6 - Vienna Denmark Denmark Aqua "Barbie Girl"
Denmark FSC 7 - Copenhagen France France Zaz "Je Veux"
France FSC 8 - Paris Greenland Greenland Bryan Rice ft. Julie Berthelsen "Curtain Call"
Greenland FSC 9 - Nuuk Cyprus Cyprus Ivi Adamou "Call The Police"
Cyprus FSC 10 - Famagusta1 Ukraine Ukraine Max Barskih "Dance"
Ukraine FSC 11 - Kiev Sweden Sweden Sean Banan "Sean Den Forste Banan"
Sweden FSC 12 - Gothenburg Switzerland Switzerland Eluveitie "A Rose For Epona"
Switzerland FSC 13 - Bern Cyprus Cyprus Mixalis Hatzigiannis "Emeis Oi Dyo San Ena"
Cyprus FSC 14 - Nicosia Estonia Estonia Ott Lepland "Sute Peal Sulanud Jaa"
Estonia FSC 15 - Tallinn Australia Australia Savage Garden "To The Moon And Back"
Australia FSC 16 - Sydney England England Hurts "Wonderful Life"
England FSC 17 - Birmingam South Korea South Korea PSY "Gangnam Style"
South Korea FSC 18 - Seoul Cyprus Cyprus Giorgos Papadopoulos "Me To Fthinopwro Na 'Rtheis"
Cyprus FSC 19 - Nicosia Iceland Iceland Greta Salóme "In The Silence"
Iceland FSC 20 - Reykjavík1 United Kingdom United Kingdom Mika "Grace Kelly"
United Kingdom FSC 21 - London Italy Italy Tony Maiello "Chi Ha Inventato I Sentimenti"
Italy FSC 22 - Rome Norway Norway Katzenjammer "A Bar In Amsterdam"
Norway FSC 23 - Oslo France France Woodkid "Run Boy Run"
France FSC 24 - Paris Netherlands Netherlands Anouk "Pretending As Always"
FSC 252 Estonia Estonia Ott Lepland "Sute Peal Sulaund Jaa"
Netherlands FSC 26 - Amsterdam Croatia Croatia Manntra "Kisa"
Croatia FSC 27 - Zagreb Macedonia Macedonia Dimitar Andonovski "Ova Nebo Znae Se"
Macedonia FSC 28 - Skopje Slovakia Slovakia Hrdza "Taka Sa Mi Paci"
Slovakia FSC 29 - Bratislava Finland Finland Sunrise Avenue "I Don't Dance"
Finland FSC 30 - Helsinki3 Sweden Sweden Rednex "Cotton Eye Joe"
Sweden FSC 31 - Malmö Russia Russia Eduard Khil "I'm Very Happy Because I'm Finally Returning Back"
Russia FSC 32 - Moscow Congo DR DR Congo Leki "Love Me Another Day"
Congo DR FSC 33 - Kinshasa Brazil Brazil Vandroya "Why Should We Say Goodbye"
Brazil FSC 34 - Rio de Janeiro Italy Italy Sara Bareilles "Brave"
Italy FSC 35 - Milan Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Myahri "Ayterek - Gunterek"
Turkmenistan FSC 36 - Ashgabat Mexico Mexico Samo "Inevitable"
Mexico FSC 37 - Mexico City Russia Russia Mental Discipline "Over Horizon"
Russia FSC 38 - St. Petersburg Belgium Belgium Billie Kawende "Under My Wings"
Belgium FSC 39 - Brussels United Kingdom United Kingdom Coldplay "A Sky Full of Stars"
United Kingdom FSC 40 - Glasgow4 Cuba Cuba Quidam Pilgrim "Walker"
Cuba FSC 41 - Havana Philippines Philippines Marlisa "Stand By You"
Philippines FSC 42 - Manila Brazil Brazil Megh Stock "Vestido de festa"
Brazil FSC 43 - São Paolo Germany Germany Oonagh ft. Santiano "Hörst du den Wind"
Germany FSC 44 - Cologne Croatia Croatia Luminize "Get it Back"
Croatia FSC 45 - Split Germany Germany XANDRIA "Nightfall"
Germany FSC 46 - Düsseldorf USA United States Walk the Moon "Shut Up and Dance"
USA FSC 47 - New York City Japan Japan Sekai no Owari "Dragon Night"
Japan FSC48 - Tokyo Austria Austria Zoe "Adieu"
Austria FSC 49 - Vienna United Kingdom United Kingdom Gabrielle Aplin "Salvation"
United Kingdom FSC 50 - Cardiff5 USA United States Rachel Bloom "You Can Touch My Boobies"
FSC 50 Fabwinners6 USA United States Walk the Moon "Shut Up and Dance
USA FSC 51 - Washington DC Australia Australia Hands Like Houses "Torn"
Australia FSC 52 - Melbourne Turkey Turkey Aylin Coşkun "Akrep iğnesi"
1 Jackpot Edition where all participants get a random country
2 Special Edition where the 25 Fab-winners competed eachother for the victory
3 Special Edition where all participants should enter with an entry released before year 2005
4 Special Edition where all participants enter a rarely used country and artist
5 Special Edition where all participants were given a theme and had to send entries related to that
6 Special Edition where the Fabwinners from FSC 26-49 competed against each other

Most Successful Countries Edit

Country Wins Editions Won
1. Sweden Sweden 3 FSC 1, 11, 30
1. Germany Germany 3 FSC 3, 43, 45
1. Cyprus Cyprus 3 FSC 9, 13, 18
1. United Kingdom United Kingdom 3 FSC 20, 39, 49
2. Austria Austria 2 FSC 5, 48
2. France France 2 FSC 7, 23
2. Italy Italy 2 FSC 21, 34
2. Croatia Croatia 2 FSC 26, 44
2. Russia Russia 2 FSC 30, 37
2. Brazil Brazil 2 FSC 33, 42
2. USA United States 2 FSC 46, 50
2. Australia Australia 2 FSC 15, 51
3. All Other Countries - -