This is a list of existing song contests.

Primary contestsEdit

These contests are on the front page of the Song Contest Forums. All information is as of 28 January, 2019.

Contests are moved to this board if they have more than 5,000 posts.

Contest Abbr. Host(s) Posts
North Vision Song Contest [Incl. JNVSC & Eastvision] NVSC NBU Council 145,587
WWW Song Contest WWWSC

Flag of Austria Ferrygraf

Flag of Cyprus Mimisthesc

Fantasia Contest FC FC Council 20,581
Olympiad Song Contest [previously Mysterious Song Contest; incl. Junior MSC] OSC

Flag of United Kingdom Darrell

Flag of United Kingdom Josh

Flag of United Kingdom Europzegal

NowNewMusic Contest NNMC Flag of United States Martin 13,187
Festival of Miracles FoM Flag of Mexico Gilberto 10,071
Own Eurovision Song Contest  [incl. Own Asiavision, Own Americavision] OESC Flag of Romania Mihai 9,129
Europa Festival EoF Flag of France Luiri 6,300
Festival of International Music FoIM ZelenaMader 5,498

Big 3 Instagram ContestsEdit

Contest Abbr. Origin Host(s) Editions (so far)
Instaglobal Song Contest IGC Netherlands Netherlands 21
Melodivision Song Contest MSC Greece Greece

Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Haris

Flag of Serbia Shpati

Flag of Greece Spyros

Flag of Greece Tasos

Vision Song Contest VSC Spain Spain 18

Secondary contestsEdit

Contests with less than 5.000 posts reside on the "Other Contests" section, following the decision on 29 June 2015 to increase the amount of posts to be on the front page. Contests can be added to this page per request but must have at least 100 posts and a consistent running history.

All information is as of 28 January 2019.

Contest Abbr. Host(s) Posts Editions (so far)
The Future Song Contest TFSC Adria 3,170 26
Our Song Festival OSF Vaggelis 1,862 9
Spritopia Song Contest SSC 1,818
Turkic Vision Song Contest TVSC Aussiegoomba 1,862
SouthVision Song Contest SoVSC Domas 1,736 13
Daniel's Song Race DSR Daniel & crew 1,548 1
Our East Asia Song Contest OEASC

Flag of Philippines SCHROTH

Flag of Philippines Martinantidormi

1,005 15
Old School Song Contest OSSC Talitha 798 10
Cover Song Contest CoSC Josh, Dylan 785 5
ESC Rules Contest ESCR Flag of Ireland Tufkai 754 13
Stjärnfestivalen SaF Aless, Julian, Alper 503 4
Your Sound Contest GPYSC 세븐틴 (Philruto) 630 76
Rralz Song Contest RRSC Flag of Albania rodolf1996 356 16
Nations League - Selvin 265 2
Music Cup MC Mark 176 2
50 States of Song 50SS Flag of United States Gregory 113 4

Other song contestsEdit

Instagram ContestsEdit

Information as of 30th of November 2018.

Contest Abbr. Origin N° of editions (so far)
African Contest AFC Ireland Ireland 11
American Song Contest AMSC Croatia Croatia 5
Asia-Pacific Song Contest APSC Netherlands Netherlands 11
Mashupvision Song Contest MV Sweden Sweden 12
Musicella Song Contest MSK Croatia Croatia 9
Stars Contest Stars Turkey Turkey 15

Other ContestsEdit

Information as of 30th of November 2018.

Contest Abbr. Origin Host N° of editions (so far)
BalkanVision Song Contest BVSC Greece Greece/Serbia Serbia

Flag of Serbia Србија

Flag of Greece Ariso Light

Eurovision Cover Song Contest ECSC Poland Poland 28
Fanta Eurovision Song Contest FESC Italy Italy Sheldam 50
HeartVision Song Contest HVSC Turkey Turkey Tayfun17 6
Intercontinental Music Festival IMF Croatia Croatia ? 59
Luso Song Contest LOST Portugal Portugal

Flag of Portugal Fábio C. Ventura

Flag of Portugal João T. Costa

Flag of Portugal Ricardo Simões

Mako Song Contest MSC Romania Romania

Flag of Romania Adrian Diaconescu

Flag of Romania Reza Mafi

Mediterraneanvision Song Contest MSC Greece Greece Ariso Light 5
Mondevision Song Contest MoSoCo South Korea South Korea Aroharmy 2
Phita Music Competition PMC Portugal Portugal Flag of Portugal Vasco Cardoso 10
The Music Thing / USA United States Matthew 8
Songs Of The World SOW Netherlands Netherlands Songsoftheworld 25
The World Music Contest TWMC Belgium Belgium nickvhb 64
Universong Contest USC Italy Italy

Flag of Italy Anto

Hungary-0 hph01

Flag of Greece Hrestos

We Are One Song Contest WAOSC Italy Italy Flag of ItalySamuele 35
Youtube Song Contest YSC Netherlands Netherlands jesc2010 72
YourVision Song Contest YVSC Romania Romania

Flag of Romania Adrian Diaconescu

Flag of Romania Reza Mafi


Inactive ContestsEdit

To get on this list, a contest has to be inactive for 6 months since an edition started and hasn't been finished or if a contest hasn't been held in over 1 year.

Information as of 30th of November 2018.

     Edition not finished
Inactive Contest Abbr. Origin Final edition
Americavision Song Contest ASC Germany Germany 1
Astounding Song Contest ASC Belgium Belgium 15
Battle of the Users BOTU United Kingdom United Kingdom 19
Creative Song Contest CSC Netherlands Netherlands 37
Culturovision Song Contest COSC Denmark Denmark 3
Dependent Territories Song Contest DTSC Poland Poland 1
Destiny Song Contest DESC Australia Australia 0
Diamond Song Contest DIAMOND Macedonia North Macedonia 88
Dream Song Contest DSC Netherlands Netherlands 10
Dynamic Song Festival DSF Chile Chile 2
Eastvision Song Contest EVSC United Kingdom United Kingdom 0
Eurasiavision Song Contest EASC Spain Spain 9
EuroErianVision EEV Spain Spain 11
EuroFamily Song Contest EFSC San Marino San Marino 9
Europa Grand Prix EGP Albania Albania/Taiwan Taiwan 0
Eurovision Fan Contest EFC Sweden Sweden 12
Eurovision Simulator Song Contest ESSC Poland Poland 11
Eurovision Songs Simulator ESS Lithuania Lithuania 5
Eurovision Song Contest 0 ESC Turkey Turkey 57
Eurovision Song Contest Fan Version ESCFV Spain Spain 1
ESC - Fans Club Game ESCFCG Poland Poland 15
Factual Song Contest FaSC Japan Japan 7
Fox Music League #foxml Netherlands Netherlands 7
FutureVision Song Contest FSC Lithuania Lithuania 10
Global Song Contest GSC Bulgaria Bulgaria 5
Glorious Song Contest GSC United Kingdom United Kingdom 10
GreatVision Song Contest GVSC Germany Germany  23
Homemade Song Contest HMSC Israel Israel 10
Ili's Worldsong Competition IWSC Morocco Morocco/Netherlands Netherlands 12
International Music Festival IMF Germany Germany 2
International World Music Contest IWMC Australia Australia 4
Koreavision Song Contest KSC South Korea South Korea 0
Legendary Song Contest LSC Austria Austria 10
Mediterranean Song Contest MeSC Cyprus Cyprus 10
Melodife Song Contest MSC Ireland Ireland 2
Myvision Song Contest MVSC Austria Austria 18
Online Music Contest OMC Serbia Serbia 28
P&J Song Contest PJSC Greece Greece 10
Power Song Festival PSF Finland Finland 20
Rhythm Song Contest RSC France France 3
Song of the Year From the World SotYFtW United Kingdom United Kingdom 0
Soundvision Song Contest SSC United Kingdom United Kingdom 1
SoundWave Contest SWC Portugal Portugal 0
Special Eurovision Song Contest SESC Netherlands Netherlands 0
Sugary Song Contest SSC France France 17
The Western Island Festival TWIF United Kingdom United Kingdom 14
Tunable Song Contest TSC Bulgaria Bulgaria 1
ValiumSounds Contest VSC Germany Germany 6
World Music Battle WMB Germany Germany 3
World Voice Contest WVC Greece Greece 10
World Wide Contest WWC Greece Greece 19
Worldfestivalen Song Contest WFSC Serbia Serbia 4
Worldvision Melody Contest WMC Bulgaria Bulgaria 6
Worldwide Music Festival WMF Bulgaria Bulgaria 0
Your European Song Contest YEMC Bulgaria Bulgaria/Serbia Serbia/Turkey Turkey 0
Your Eurovision YE Belgium Belgium 12
Your Song Contest YSC Germany Germany 0
Yourovision Song Contest YSC Serbia Serbia 33