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September 26, 2011


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The contest is inactive

Beste Valget, sometimes abbreviated BV, was a national selection contest for Ourvision Song Contest. It was started by PetterVerr for the 12th edition of the contest. It seized being a selection for OVSC on January 15, 2012 after having repeatedly failed to finish their 5th edition on time.

Problems Edit

During the third edition of the contest voting was only open for 2 days although the rules says 3 days is a must. The host got away with a warning and the winning entry was allowed to compete for Norway in OVSC.

The video recap for the fourth edition contained video material which was against the rules at the time.

The 5th edition was supposed to have been for the 16th edition of OVSC but it was moved to the 17th edition instead. It was once again postponed before eventually being held for the 19th edition. Even though a recap was uploaded, the results were never released on time, leading to the closing of the entire national selection by OVSC management.

Editions Edit

Edition For Winning song OVSC
Beste Valget 1 OVSC 12 "Vända med vinden" 2
Beste Valget 2 OVSC 13 "Mr Tokyo" 9
Beste Valget 3 OVSC 14 "Europe's Skies" 11
Beste Valget 4 OVSC 15 "Coming Home" 17
Beste Valget 5 OVSC 19 The contest was cancelled.

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